Jacky Snoep, PhD

Research Professor

Jacky holds the SACEMA-SARCHI research chair in: “Mechanistic modelling of health and epidemiology” and is interested in detailed mathematical modelling of disease states. Thus far he has focused mostly on metabolism, with the aim to gain a deep understanding in the biochemical principles that underlie the metabolic differences that are observed in healthy versus diseased persons. He focuses on diseases that are important in the South African context: HIV/Aids, TB, malaria and type II diabetes.

Jacky has a strong background in experimental biochemistry/microbiology and in mathematical modelling of biochemical pathways. He is a strong proponent of complete reproducibility in model construction and validation workflows. To enhance this he is active in data and model management (via his affiliation with the University of Manchester, collaborating with Carole Goble in the FAIRDOM team), and in the Silicon Cell initiative (via his affiliation with the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, collaborating with Hans Westerhoff).