Capacity Building

SACEMA’s research and training programmes are boosting human capital to improve health in Africa

MMED 2019, one of the ICI3D workshops held in Muizenberg

ICI3D – International Clinics on Infectious Disease Dynamics and Data

ICI3D trains international cohorts of junior researchers to develop integrative research projects in infectious disease dynamics and to communicate their questions, methods, and findings across disciplinary boundaries.

Two ICI3D clinics are offered annually. The Clinic on Meaningful Modelling of Epidemiological Data (MMED) provides training in advanced public health modelling, and the Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data (DAIDD) provides an introduction to modelling concepts.

The ICI3D program was launched in 2012 with funding from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS/NIH grant R25GM102149). Since this time, we have provided training to more than 400 participants based at African and North American institutions and established pipelines to train and recruit talented young researchers to join our program’s faculty.

PhD student James Azam presents at Research Days

Postgraduate Degree Programmes

SACEMA offers postgraduate studies in mathematics, epidemiology, biostatistics, global health and biochemistry through Stellenbosch University. All postgraduate bursary recipients have a background in quantitative research methods, and many have interdisciplinary experience.

SACEMA Postgraduate Bursaries

Bursaries to study at SACEMA are available through the National Research Foundation. More information can be found here.

Emerging Researcher Funding

SACEMA funds emerging researchers within South Africa. The fund provides support to students who already have bursary funding or a salary, allowing them to improve integration of dynamic models and data to address their research questions through targeted mentoring or training outside what is available at their home institution. For more information, including how to apply, contact our Training Coordinator, Faikah Bruce (faikah@sun.ac.za).

SACEMA short courses run at the SACEMA Research Days

Short courses and Workshops

We host short courses and workshops for researchers and students in Africa and globally. Click here for more information on upcoming courses.

Recent courses have included:

  • Introduction to R: Management, Exploration, and Communication of Data
  • Introduction to Epidemiology and Research Methodology
  • Advanced Epidemiological Methods
  • Quantitative Bias Analysis
  • Introduction to Agent-based Modelling
  • Bayesian Biostatistics
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Software Engineering in the Applied Mathematical Sciences (SEAMS)