Farewell Prof Pulliam & welcome Prof Tanser

SACEMA bids a heartfelt farewell to Prof Juliet Pulliam, who has been an integral part of our community as the Director of SACEMA and Professor of Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University. Prof. Pulliam’s journey with SACEMA began in July 2016, after her tenure at the University of Florida and as the inaugural Director of the ICI3D Program. Juliet’s research has been pivotal in the realm of infectious disease epidemiology, especially in resource-limited settings.

We honour her contributions made to the country, where she played a crucial role in guiding the country’s COVID-19 pandemic response efforts. Furthermore, Juliet’s commitment to building infectious disease modelling capacity in Africa has significantly impacted the continent, fostering a new generation of experts equipped to tackle future health challenges. Her dedication, contributions, and visionary leadership have left an indelible mark on SACEMA. As she embarks on her next chapter, she leaves behind a legacy of excellence and innovation that will continue to inspire many.

As we bid adieu to Prof Pulliam, we are thrilled to welcome Prof Frank Tanser, a renowned researcher in the field of HIV, as the Director of Population Health Innovation at the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (CERI) and as SACEMA’s new Director. Prof Tanser’s recently returned to South Africa after a significant tenure in the UK. His passion for the continent and commitment to addressing health challenges is evident, with plans to focus on innovative research that informs HIV prevention and treatment efforts in sub-Saharan Africa and a vision to build a robust team of African researchers.

Prof Tanser’s accolades speak volumes about his dedication to the field. From being honored by the SAMRC to receiving the Back Award from The Royal Geographical Society, his contributions have been recognized globally. With over 250 published papers and a citation count exceeding 37,000, Prof Tanser’s expertise will undoubtedly elevate the research endeavours at Stellenbosch University and SACEMA.


Join us in celebrating this new chapter for SACEMA, as we look forward to the research and advancements that Prof Tanser will bring to our community.

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