PhD Students

Nada Abdelatif

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Rachid Ouifki, Prof John Hargrove

Modelling the population dynamics and spread of African Trypanosomiasis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Timothy Awine

University of Cape Town
Dr Sheetal P. Silal

The malaria elimination agenda: Prospects for Ghana using mathematical modelling tools

Faikah Bruce

Stellenbosch University
Dr Leigh Johnson, Prof Alex Welte

The effect of adolescent-focused HIV prevention methods on HIV incidence and drug-resistance in South Africa: a model-based evaluation

Lucy Andere Chimoyi-Otwombe

University of Witwatersrand
Dr Salome Charalambous, Dr Eustasius Musenge, Dr Nishila Moodley

Modelling latent tuberculosis infection diagnosis and treatment among healthcare workers in South Africa

Dario Fanucchi

University of Witwatersrand
Dr Alex Welte

Rational Drug Design: Progress and prospects

Zoe Gill

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Wilfred Ndifon, Prof Martin Nieuwoudt, Prof Jackie Snoep

Developing a†Technology to Determine Age-related Decline of the Immune System

Elizabeth Gonese

Stellenbosch University
Professor John Hargrove, Professor Jean Nachega, Dr Gert van Zyl, Dr Peter Kilmarx.

Evaluating the performance of laboratory based assays in estimating HIV incidence

Abdul-Karim Iddrisu

University of Cape Town
Dr Freedom Gumedze

Sensitivity analysis frameworks in longitudinal clinical trials with missing data and protocol deviations

Sumanth Karamchand

University of Cape Town
Dr Karen Cohen, Prof Gary Maartens

Morbidity from Antiretroviral Metabolic effects in Africa: The MAMA study

Mmamapudi Kubjane

University of Cape Town
Dr Leigh Johnson, Dr Tolullah Oni

Modelling the effects of HIV, diabetes, vitamin D deficiency and household overcrowding on the epidemiology of tuberculosis in South Africa.

Takura Kupamupindi

University of Cape Town
Dr Sheetal P. Silal

Modeling malaria elimination in Zimbabwe

Khaphetsi Joseph Mahasa

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Rachid Ouifki, Dr Amina Eladdadi, Prof Lisette de Pillis

Mathematical modelling of tumour-immune interactions and cancer therapy.

Nondumiso Makhunga-Ramfolo

University of Pretoria
Prof P Rheeder

Comparison of methodologies for estimating the incidence of HIV transmission among incarcerated males in South African prisons

Mbuso Ishmael Mntambo

University of the Western Cape
Prof Thandi Puoane

Developing the Public Health Model of Community Participation in the Kwazulu-Natal Primary Health Care System

Coceka Mnyani

University of the Witwatersrand
Prof Eckhart Buchmann, Prof Matthew Chersich

Assessing progress and barriers to elimination of mother-to-child transmission and decreasing HIV-related maternal deaths in the Johannesburg Health District

Lorato Mosetsanagape Modise

North-West University
Prof Nomathamsanqa Sithebe

Molecular prevalence of major viral hepatotrophs in a cohort of HIV-infected pregnant women in the North-West Province

Nishila Moodley

University of the Witwatersrand
Prof Glenda Gray, Dr Melanie Bertram

Impact of dual HIV and HPV vaccine strategies among adolescents in a resource constrained setting

David Niyukuri

University of Stellenbosch
Prof. Wim Delva

Combining sexual behavioural survey data, phylodynamics and agent-based simulation models towards a unified framework for HIV prevention research

David James Phair

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Theresa Wossler, Prof Cang Hui

Social organisation and pathogen transmission in African ants: at what point do social immunity benefits diminish?

Tamsin Kate Phillips

University of Cape Town
Prof Landon Myer, Prof Catherine Orrell

Understanding maternal adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected women through pregnancy, breastfeeding and into ongoing ART care

Jordache Ramjith

University of Kwazulu Natal
Prof Glenda Matthews

Multi-state Markov modelling in survival with a cure fraction and applications to hiv data from caprisa

Tarylee Reddy

University of Kwazulu Natal
Prof Henry Mwambi

The modelling of HIV progression using Multistate Markov models accomodating frailty and time dependent covariates.

Danielle Roberts

University of KwaZulu-Natal
Prof Glenda Matthews, Prof Benn Sartorius, Prof Bob Snow, Dr. Benn Sartorius

Modelling anaemia in four sub-Saharan African countries

Joseph Sempa

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Martin Nieuwoudt

The effects of longitudinal HIV viral load exposure on immune outcomes, mortality, and opportunistic infections amongst ART naÔve patients in sub-Saharan Africa

Temitope Sokoya

University of Pretoria
Dr Martin Nieuwoudt, Dr Theresa Rossouw

Immune activation in HIV-infected patients on HAART

Eva Liliane Ujeneza

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Martin Nieuwoudt, Dr Wilfred Ndifon

Modelling the dynamics of CD4 T-cell reconstitution of HIV infected patients on HAART

Fortunate Nonhlanhla Yende-Zuma

University of KwaZulu Natal
Prof Henry Mwambi, Prof Stijn Vansteelandt

Estimating the effect of treatment in randomized controlled trials with non-compliance: application of instrumental variables

Sithobile Prudence Zungu

University of KwaZulu-Natal
Dr Shaun Ramroop, Prof Henry Mwambi

Joint Modelling of poverty and malnutrition from DHS Tanzania data

MSc Students

James Mba Azam

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Juliet Pulliam

Measles Outbreak Response: What are the tradeoffs of vaccination outside of the cold chain?

Winnie Chabaari

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Rachid Ouifki, Dr A. Eladaddi

The use of oncolytic viruses as a novel cancer treatment method

Steve Bicko Cygu

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Martin Nieuwoudt, Prof Cang Hui

Establishing appropriate models for age-related changes in lymphocyte cell markers in paediatric data from South Africa

Mary Abijola Familusi

University of Cape Town
Dr Freedom N. Gumedze

Analysis of Clustered Competing Risk with Application to a Multicentre Clinical Trial

Frieda Geldenhuys

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Cang Hui, Prof Martin Nieuwoudt

Using Species Distribution Models for spatial conservation planning of African penguins

Tokpa Darwolo Jamah

Stellenbosch University
Dr Rachid Ouifki, Prof. John W. Hargrove

Modelling the economics of insecticide and trypanocide-treated cattle interventions against trypanosomiasis disease within a multi-host population using delay differential equations.

Richard Kuo

University of KwaZulu-Natal
Prof G Matthews

Statistical modelling in the presence of missing data

Martin Canaan Mafunda

University of Venda
Dr. Winston Garira

Multiscale modelling of HIV/AIDS Transmission Dynamics

Vintia Philile Mlotshwa

University of KwaZulu Natal
Jordache Ramjith

Multi-State Survival Analysis: Timing of Hepatotoxicity in HIV/TB Co-Infected Patients

Zinhle Emily Mthombothi

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Rachid Ouifki, Prof John W. Hargrove

Studying the effects of temperature change on the dynamics of tsetse flies and trypanosomiasis disease transmission

Dineo Lilian Nkholise

University of the Western Cape
Professor Gail D. Hughes, Co-Supervisor: Professor Thandi Puoane

Use of Traditional Herbal Medicines for non communicable disease, diabetes.

Christianah Oyindamola Olojede

Stellenbosch University
Prof Wim Delva

Partner turnover rates and the lifetime number of partners in Cape town, South Africa

Evans Omondi

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Farai Nyabadza

A mathematical model for onchocerciasis and its treatment with ivermectin

Fanuel Otieno

Stellenbosch University
Prof Wim Delva

Intimate Partner Violence and Age Disparity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kagiso Ramolotja

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Gaston Mazandu

Mathematical modelling of human immune response to TB

Miguel Julio Rodo

University of Cape Town
Prof Francesca Little, Prof Thomas Scriba, Dr Virginie Rozot

A head to head comparison of TB vaccine candidatesí antigen-specific cytokine-producing CD4 and CD8 frequencies

Welile Sikhondze

University of Cape Town
Prof Mark Nicol, Prof Travis Porco

The application of raw data to model the impact of GeneXpert MTB/RIF on clinical outcomes and the transmission of MDR-TB

Floris Van Zyl

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Martin Nieuwoudt, Prof Thomas Niesler

An investigation into the dielectric properties of rhinoceros tissue at various frequencies and their effect on the propagation of an in-vivo antenna, by means of computer simulation and gelatinous phantom models

Biomaths Honours Students

Nqubeko Goba

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Gaston Mazandu

Analyzing tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus co-infection dynamics in the burden of tuberculosis in South Africa

Tsebo Kibe

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Dawie van Niekerk

Modelling the dispersal of Plasmodium falciparum merozoites as diffusion by using a partial differential equation model

Lebogang Ogodiseng Lekoma

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Farai Nyabadza

A comparison mathematical model of the pro smoking campaigns and anti smoking campaigns

Khotso Matlou

University of Stellenbosch
Dr Rachid Ouifki

Investigating the impact of joint TB-HIV epidemics on treatment strategies in a Western Cape community

Mandisi Moya

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Farai Nyabadza

The future of HIV related lymphomas

Brandon Ristow

University of Stellenbosch
Prof Jacky Snoep

A review of whole-body models for glucose metabolism with periodic vs constant addition of glucose with a view on body fat storage