Roxanne Beauclair, PhD

Research Associate

Research Associate

Roxanne is currently serving as a Research Associate and is attempting to understand what unmet modelling needs South African public health stakeholders have, and which of these are priorities for decision-making. She is also a specialist in applying biostatistical methods to epidemiological data. She received training from Ghent University in Belgium (PhD) and the University of Cape Town (MPH). She has been involved in an analytical capacity for several different epidemiological studies of HIV in Southern Africa. Recently, she has become an R enthusiast and enjoys learning new ways to improve upon statistical programmes by creating clean, reproducible, and legible code.

Recent publications

McClinton Appollis TMA, Jonas K, Beauclair RN, Lombard CJ, Duby Z, Cheyip M, Maruping K, Dietrich J, Mathews C (2021) Early Sexual Debut and the Effects on Well-Being among South African Adolescent Girls and Young Women Aged 15 to 24 Years International Journal of Sexual Health doi.org/10.1080/19317611.2021.1979162

Delva W, Dominic EM, Beauclair R, Ouifki R, Kroon M, Volmink H, Dorkin E (2021) Four-week forecasts of COVID-19 epidemic trajectories in South Africa, Chile, Peru and Brazil: a model evaluation doi.org/10.1101/2021.09.06.21263151

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DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis