Clinic on Dynamic Approaches to Infectious Disease Data (DAIDD), 15-21 December 2019, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Posted on Fri, Sep 13 2019 04:17:00

Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data

The South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA) in colaboration with the International Clinics on Infectious Disease Dyanmics Data (DAIDD) invites applications for the 7th annual Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data (DAIDD), which will be held in Stellenbosch, South Africa on 15-21 December 2019. The deadline for receipt of applications is September 25, 2019.

The Clinic is open to public health professionals (including researchers, students, and clinicians) and population biologists studying infectious diseases. Participants should have limited (or no) prior modelling experience, and should want to learn about dynamic models as tools to inform data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The Clinic is particularly appropriate for those in the process of developing new research projects related to infectious disease epidemiology. 

The course registration fee is ZAR 30,000. The registration fee includes room and board for the duration of the Clinic, as well as course materials. A small number of full and partial scholarships may be available for Clinic participants from the US and Africa. Participants are responsible for covering their own travel expenses (including visa fees, where applicable).

For more information, Click here for the full Request for Applications.